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Charmer Boy, Gypsy Girl: The Debut Novel from Victor Harrington

The essence and meaning of a transcendent love between two people—the kernel of human existence—is often found in the crucible of war. Such was the love between Bosko, a Serbian boy, and Admira, a Bosnian girl who were caught in one of the most barbaric and brutal periods of the last century—the breakup of Yugoslavia.

American photojournalist Mark H. Milstein’s haunting image of Admira and Bosko captured the world’s attention, and the couple was embraced as the Romeo and Juliet of war-torn Sarajevo.

They would not be parted, even as they lived like animals among the dead and the dying, even as they hid from those who sought to destroy them. Bosko would not leave Admira when he had the chance to escape death by leaving Sarajevo. Admira risked her life so that they would never be separated. Caught in the maelstrom of a war they lived their lives with passion and unbounded love for each other and were never parted even as they were betrayed to their enemies by Bosko’s closest friend.

In Sarajevo, there is peace within despair and love amongst hate, on the blood-soaked sidewalks and ancient walls, it is said by some that you can still hear the whisper of these two lovers.

“Was there ever a time when we were not together?”

“Never, never a time when we shall not be together.”

Meet the Author

Author Victor Harrington has the quintessential writer’s family history. The adventure began in 1850 when Edward, an Englishman in the British Army, fell in love with a Muslim princess whose family lived in Agra. Victor’s American paternal great-grand-mother was the daughter of a Presbyterian pastor from New England. The author was born in India in 1958, and his family immigrated to Canada in the late 1960s.

For Victor, New York remains a city that creates its own temporal distortion where a writer can observe, for a moment, the many worlds past, present, and future that make up the space-time continuum of his city.

Charmer Boy, Gypsy Girl is Victor Harrington’s first novel, and he has recently completed his second.

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